We provide professional and confidential investigations for homeowners, historical sites, and businesses that believe to have paranormal activity.  
We strive to provide excellent, investigative services, and to promote the finest paranormal investigative services. Our mission is to care for clients, families, communities, and one another.
At "Hauntings" we will try to set the standard for excellent, efficient, professional and confidential investigations, from primary services to intensive and specialty investigations. Outstanding service and quality will be our hallmark.
Our goals are to provide well-coordinated investigations in our community-based settings; Be a premier paranormal investigative resource for the people of the area, providing information, current technology, and caring, highly skilled staff and, to the best of our abilities, listen to reports of abnormal activity, formulate an appropriate response, conduct an investigation, and intently analyze any and all evidence. We will continually reinforce and develop training.
At "Hauntings" we DO NOT charge for our services.
We are committed to to maintaining a strong organization, founded upon the mission to provide excellent, professional and a confidential service.
All evidence is carefully reviewed and examined using the best technology we have available to us. Following each investigation,we will set an appointment to go over any evidence or debunking theories we may have found.We WILL NOT leave you hanging after an investigation.
We also will be experimenting with science and other methods to try to enhance our investigations,we do NOT use Ouiji Boards, or any kind of witchcraft or voodoo lol. This is where the "research" comes into our name. We will be experimenting to attempt to find new ways to detect paranormal activity,and the results of such experiments will not be considered evidence.Only traditionally acceptable methods will determine true evidence.
Evidence on this site shall only be posted with the clients approval.
We love what we do, love to help people and each investigation opens the door for a new experience.
We currently have openings for new investigators,please go to the contact us page if interested.

Welcome To Hauntings!

See cases we have done with Kathleen Tedson and Beverly Rydel of Haunted Travels of Michigan!  Excellent authors and historians, you will love their adventures into the paranormal! They currently have 2 books, Volume 1 and 2, we worked with them for volume 2.

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The Hauntings team are members of:
The National Paranormal Society